Raw white, Twisted Polyester / Nylon thread

Raw white, Twisted Polyester / Nylon thread

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Product Description

  • Raw White, Twisted Polyester / Nylon Thread.
  • Our raw material, twisted polyester / nylon thread materials are used for making high quality embroidery or sewing products. Yarns are the materials of excellent thread twisting plant; raw white (grey) trilobal polyester filament yarn is processed in dyeing plant with dye cone; finished thread used for computerized embroidery machines and schiffli embroidery machines.
  • Polyester / Nylon filament yarn counts: 50D, 70D, 75D, 100D, 120D, 150D, 210D, 300D... twisted ready to dye thread .    Raw white twisted trilobal polyester thread with perforated plastic dye tube pack for cone dyeing;  It is twisted from medium / high tenacity low shrinkage trilobal polyester filament yarn . It is a deal material for quality embroidery thread and good solutions for dye units. Packing Weight: 1000-2000g/paper or plastic cone.
  • Products: 100% trilobal polyester embroidery thread.
  • Counts:                                                                        Twist:               Package :                                             Applications:
  • 50D/2,70D/2,75D/2,100D/2,120D/2,150D/2           High twist     Kingspool(1000-10000m, 1-2kg/cone )   Computerized embroidery/ sewing machine                
  • 150D/2, 150D/3                                                            Low twist            Paper cone (0.5-1kg)           Schiffli embroidery machine


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