"M" style Bobbin thread

"M" style Bobbin thread

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Product Description

M-style ( Jumbo), Bobbin thread.

-Used to enhance high-speed sewing as well as embroidery.

-Our sideless bobbins provide uniform tension when extracting the thread from beginning to end. This allows for a smoother spin and a non-stop work.

-By eliminating the metal bobbin we maximize yardage (up to 30 % more) Less and faster bobbin changes, increased machine run-time.

-We recommend its use –depending on the size and thickness- for: Embroideries,sewing, quilts, upholstery, footwear and leather goods.

-Types: L, A, M or others.

Material :

  • Polyester filament 70D/2 - High tenacity yarn.
  • Polyester filament 75D/2 - Mid tenacity yarn. 
  • Spun polyester, 60s/2, 80s/2.
  • Nylon 280D/1, 420D/1,630D/1, 840D/1, high tenacity yarn. 


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